Creative Design

Welcome to the Creative Design Department

The aim of the department is to inspire and maintain student interest, curiosity and enjoyment in art lessons.

We inspire pupils to become confident in producing art, craft and design and our schemes of work are developed to take into account their interests, abilities and learning styles. The excitement and energy of the department is extremely popular with the pupils and many spend their free time developing their skills within this specialised environment.

At present we have the facilities to work in a variety of media, including painting, mixed media, 3-dimensional work and printing. We also have a kiln, where students can produce ceramic work. We have recently made investment into iPads for the department and are also currently developing our provision of ICT further within the department with plans for Apple Mac computers. The display of students’ work is very important to us. We hold an annual art show, as well as displaying work around the school.shannon-goodwin-017

The staff are committed to making the pupils experience of art and design a safe, happy and stimulating one. We currently have 2 teachers working in the department, each has their own specialism to share with the pupils. The department runs a number of Lunchtime Clubs in order to extend and support learning.


 Mr R Bennett – Head of Department
Miss K Vaughan – Teacher of Art
Miss J Lane – Teacher of Design Technology

Every student possesses a sketchbook that records all their observations, experimentation and final designs. All students are encouraged to take pride in their work and become confident using a variety of media. In Key Stage 3 all students follow a structured scheme of work that provides ‘basic building block skills’ as well as opportunities to creatively interpret set briefs. At GCSE students are encouraged to develop higher quality skills and critically analyse their and artist’s work to understand more fully the context of their work.


Art and Design at Llandrindod High School is a popular and exciting subject.

GCSE Art and Design examination board: WJEC (

 The GCSE Art and Design course covers a wide range of skills and experiences that enables pupils to develop original ideas through to finished products, following an organised methodology and approach. The course develops the individual’s judgement and ability. Within the course, pupils are encouraged to incorporate studies of work by other Artists, Craft workers and Designers. There is an opportunity for pupils to develop their skills within the following fields:

  • Drawing and Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Textiles
  • 3D Design
  • Ceramics
  • Photography

The GCSE Art and Design consists of TWO parts:

  • Assessment 1: CANDIDATE PORTFOLIO (60%)
  • Assessment 2: EXTERNALLY SET TASK (40%)

 The PORTFOLIO unit is internally set by the department and developed from personal starting points. The PORTFOLIO motivates the personal interest of each pupil and at the same time appropriately relate to worthwhile educational experiences. Sketchbooks are used extensively and become a stimulating resource for subsequent work.

The course is designed to encompass four principal areas. These areas are incorporated into the four assessment objective headings:

  • Contextual understanding
  • Creative making
  • Reflective recording
  • Personal presentation

 The Externally Set Task is the remainder 40% of the course and is characterised by visual and written triggers in an examination paper. Pupils receive a preparation period of 6/8 weeks in which to explore and develop ideas for a final outcome to be produced during a two day examination.

AS & A Level

At the beginning of both the AS and A2 students will take part in a variety of teacher lead workshops. We encourage experimentation in a wide range of media and processes before students independently develop the project in a more personal direction through to various outcomes. Students will produce one coursework unit and one exam unit. The exam theme is set by the exam board and pupils will be given a number of weeks to prepare before completing a controlled exam.a-level-work-2013-006

During the AS and A2 students will explore a wide range of artists, crafts people and designers and visit galleries/ exhibitions to keep abreast of the latest developments in Art.

Students have ownership over their work and can really follow through concept, issues, interests and ideas that are relevant and important to them