Sixth Form

‘Learning without Limits’

The Sixth Form is an important part of Llandrindod High School. It not only provides the progression into higher education after Key Stage 4, but it also gives an opportunity to be actively involved in the life and work of the school. The AS, A2 and equivalent  vocational  courses that we offer give access to university, while key skills demonstrate a students abilities in communication, number and information technology. Almost all of those who embark on courses remain to complete them successfully.

The organisation and ethos of the Sixth Form allows for the ideal transition between compulsory schooling and the need for students to take responsibility for their own learning. The school offers good teaching, tutorial support, careers guidance, work experience and a wide range of social, cultural and community opportunities. There is very much a ‘college’ atmosphere within the school.

Llandrindod High School aims for excellence and I am convinced that this can only be achieved in an environment where students are secure and happy. Our expectations are that Sixth Form students will work hard and, therefore, be able to take full advantage of the expertise and commitment of our staff. We are able to provide high quality teaching within excellent study facilities. The school also encourages the students to give some time to help others, through community service, either within the school or the wider community.

We are a Welsh Baccalaureate School, this adds a valuable new dimension to subjects and courses that can be followed between the ages of 14 to 19. It encourages independence and adds ‘real life’ experience to the curriculum.

Pastoral support which is available to all students and which encourages them to achieve their full potential. This combines with an excellent Enrichment Programme and a wide range of social activities organised by the Sixth Form Committee.

What can we offer you ?

Llandrindod High School Sixth Form offers a plethora of opportunity and challenge for students who have taken the decision to extend their education beyond Year 11.

Obviously life in the Sixth Form is different but we hope students find it interesting, challenging, varied and most of all fulfilling.  It will be demanding as the transition from GCSE to Advanced Level courses requires determination, self-discipline self motivation and above all hard work and commitment.

Throughout all subjects, students will be fully supported and regularly mentored by subject and form staff in order to help them achieve their full potential and ‘learn without limits’.

Sixth Form is not just about results though; we encourage sixth form students to make a valuable contribution to the rest of the school and wider community through a range of extra curricular opportunities.

The Welsh Baccalaureate gives students opportunities to enhance their skills alongside gaining an additional qualification which is certainly extremely valuable when applying to university or other further education courses.

Life in the Sixth Form should be about seizing opportunities – we ask every student to give of their best and from that we expect them to mature and develop into valuable and successful citizens of the future.

GCSE’s are the first milestone in an exciting journey. Now is the time to look forward to the next challenge, which will be to acquire the qualifications, skills and personal development upon which to base a rewarding and satisfying career.

It  is  important  that  you  choose  to  do  this  in  an  environment  that  will  give  you  every opportunity to develop yourself both personally and academically. The sixth form programme has been designed to offer the following:

  • An induction process to ensure the subjects you choose to study will be appropriate for you.
  • A wide choice of subjects to study at AS, A2  and equivalent vocational level taught by experienced and committed members of staff.
  • Develop initiative and leadership skills through participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.
  • Explore the world of work through work shadowing opportunities.
  • School and community service where you use your skills and talents for the benefit of others.
  • Make well informed decisions about a healthy lifestyle, develop driving skills, learning to cook on a budget, manage your finances, look at coping away from home, develop good study skills through the PSE programme.
  • Gain valuable skills through management training, interview practice and CV writing to take you well beyond A level study.
  • Have a personal tutor who will help you to assess and develop your strengths and be the first point of contact if you have problems relating to work or life.
  • Have fun through activities such as charity fundraising, sport, taking part in competitions and organizing the annual leavers’ dinner.
  • Further enhance your academic profile through studying for the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification (WBQ)

We know employers and admission tutors to Higher Education Courses are looking for lively applicants who can demonstrate they have developed their academic and personal qualities to the maximum. If you like a challenge, we promise that through our sixth form programme we can give you a CV that will ensure you “stand out from the crowd.”

Head of Sixth Form

A copy of the post-16 prospectus is available from the school office on request 01597 822992