Cashless Catering System – ParentPay

We are pleased to announce that Llandrindod High School has implemented a cashless catering system.  All students will use the cashless catering system to purchase any items from our canteen service. Our desire is to improve on the quality of the school meals’ service at our school and this system will enable us to achieve this goal.

Initially the school will use the new system for school meals only, however we aim to introduce school trips, transport and other parental payments in the near future.

This system incorporates the latest technology and eliminates the need for pupils to carry cash throughout the day thus reducing the risk of bullying.   It is biometric so there is no need for pupils to carry a card as the system will recognise the thumb of your child at the tills.  Please note that no image of the thumb print is stored.  The impression generates a digital code and it is this code that links the pupil to their account. (For further information on biometric authentication please see FAQ’s enclosed)

The system will allow complete privacy for those pupils entitled to Free School Meals and the system will automatically allocate the appropriate accounts with the free school meal amounts.

Please find enclosed the following information which is also available on the school website:

  • “Frequently Asked Questions” which will provide you with further information in relation to the new system.
  • Biometric Consent Form -The system operates using biometric authentication. Please note that as per current legislation we will be operating an “Opt In” policy and therefore require you to complete the enclosed form. If you choose not to have your child registered on the Biometric System a 4 digit PIN code will be allocated.  Please note that PIN codes do not have the same level of security and it will be the child’s responsibility to remember the code and keep it secure at all times. Please return the form to the school with immediate effect.
  • ParentPay Activation Letter – You will need to set up an account on ParentPay before your child is able to use the Cashless System. Please see attached letter for instructions on how to do this.  In addition for further information on ParentPay please visit their website
  • Privacy Notice

No cash is accepted at the till points in the Canteen.

All students and staff will be given training on how to use the system.

A maximum daily “spend limit” of £5:00 will be programmed into the system.  This can be increased or decreased for an individual student by making a written request to the school finance office.  This does not mean that students are expected to spend that amount, it is a maximum spend limit per day.

 Making Payments:

There are two options for making payments

Online – A secure online payment service called ParentPay will be available for you to pay for schools meals.

ParentPay offers the freedom to make payments whenever and wherever you like 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, safe in the knowledge that the technology used utilises the highest internet security available.

You will have a secure online account, activated using a unique username and password.  If you have more than one child in this school, you can merge their accounts and create one login for all your children.

Making a payment is straightforward and ParentPay holds a payment history for you to view at a later date, once you have activated your account you can make online payments straight away.  Please note the minimum transaction level for making a payment is £10.00. The system is also able to provide you with a report detailing each item of food served, each credit made to the system, for any time period and show a current balance.

Please see the letter enclosed on how to set up your account as it provides step by step instructions in order to activate your ParentPay online account including details of making online payments.

Pay Point – For parents / carers who do not have access to the internet or do not wish to top up online you can you use any Pay Point facility within the community.  To find your nearest Pay Point outlet please visit and enter your postcode.

For information Pay Point Stores within Llandrindod Wells area are:

  • Ridgebourne Service station, Wellington Road, Llandrindod Wells
  • G & A Jones, Strand House, Station Crescent, Llandrindod Wells
  • Crossgates Service Station, Crossgates

In order to use the Pay Point facility you will need a card which can be ordered through the school finance office. The cost of the initial card will be paid for, however if your card is lost or damaged and a replacement card is ordered you will be expected to pay the sum of £1:50 + vat.

Should you have any questions regarding the cashless system please do not hesitate to contact the Catering Service on 01597 827500.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your anticipated support with this new system which will be beneficial to students, parents and the school.