Aspiring 6th Form Writers attend Hay Festival

The Beacons Project happened during the Hay Festival and allowed myself and nineteen other sixth-form students to attend talks, workshops and to experience the Hay Festival in a way that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. We were provided with the opportunity to talk to author Jenny Valentine and poet Owen Sheers informally about their works and topics surrounding it, and the setting allowed us to receive specific advice from the writers and to discuss topics in more depth  than we would have been able to in a Q&A. We were also offered the chance to help interview people, including Cathy Cassidy and Kirsty Williams, on the Compass stage.  This was great because it gave us a chance to ask the questions that we wanted to ask and allowed us to experience an element of the Hay Festival that we definitely couldn’t have had we just appeared to watch events as part of the audience.

Dom Andrews (Year 12)

YEAR 11 Maths Revision Timetable 2018

All sessions take place in the ASC Centre in the Maths Block with Mr Payne.

YEAR 11 Maths Revision Timetable 2018

Tuesday 8th May 07.45 – 08.45 – Non Calculator Numeracy

Topics – Percentages – Box and Whisker Diagrams – Statistics – Travel Graphs.

Wednesday 9th May 16.00 – 17.00 – Calculator Numeracy

Topics – Scale Factor – Ratio – Compound Interest

Thursday 10th May 07.45 – 08.45 – Calculator Numeracy

Topics – Multipliers – Venn Diagrams – Pie Charts – Conversion

Wednesday 23rd May 16.00 – 17.00 – Non Calculator Maths

Topics – Simplifying – Reflection- Translation – Enlargement – Bearings – Algebra.

Thursday 24th May 07.45 – 08.45 – Non Calculator Maths

Topics – Probability – Estimation – Area + Perimeter – Prime Factors – Simultaneous Equations.

Wednesday 6th June 09.20 – 15.45 – Calculator Maths

Topics – Trigonometry and Pythagoras – LCM + HCF – Area + Volume of Prism + Circle – Trial and Improvement – Algebraic Geometry.

‘Mission Award’ from Wales Air Ambulance

Llandrindod High School Receives ‘Mission Award’

Pictured are Llandrindod High School’s Head Boy & Girl Ezra landrindodTattersall and Siobhan Patten receiving a Mission Award from Wales Air Ambulance Community Co-ordinator Helen Pruett. The School were awarded this because, over the past two years, we have raised and donated in excess of £1500, which is the basic cost of one Wales Air Ambulance mission.

Since Wales Air Ambulance Charity began in 2001, Llandrindod High School has donated a total of £3075.83p. Well done!